How to grow leeks

Leeks are Cool Season Vegetable from the Onion Family (Allium ampeloprasum from Alliaceae Family). Not native to North America - Cultivated in Egypt more than 4,000 years ago.

Leeks like lots of fertilizer. Seeds start slowly. 'American Flag' and 'King Richard' are popular varieties.

How to plant leeks

Northern gardeners should plan the leeks in the early spring. Remember to keep the young plants watered well.

If you plant early in the spring you will have leeks until the first fall frost. Some gardeners leave leeks in the ground over the winter under a layer of mulch.

Propagate by seed. Days to emergence: 5 to 7. Raised beds are ideal. Leeks are good for intercropping with other garden plants, especially early-maturing spring greens.

Leeks have shallow root systems and need consistent moisture.

Leek varieties

Grow early or nonhardy varieties for summer harvest. They mature in as little as 50 days after transplanting and will withstand some frost.

Grow late or hardy varieties for fall and winter harvest. They take can take 100-150 days to mature, but can withstand heavy freezes. If well-mulched in fall, they can be harvested through winter and into spring in many places.

Recommended varieties:

American Flag
Broad London
King Richard


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