San Diego Zoo bus tour: Comedian Chris Clobber is "Zooman" during the day

Chris Clobber: “I wrote and perform a thing called the Lighter Side Tour, which is a comedy tour of the San Diego Zoo,” Clobber said during a recent phone interview. “It’s in place of your sort of the generic ‘and then right there’s an elephant’ kind of thing. I love working with everyone at the San Diego Zoo, with the people and the information and everything they’ve put together over there but mostly I like making the visitors laugh.”

Known as the Zoo Man to San Diego families, Clobber has been entertaining locals and tourists for years with his animal sounds and lighthearted humorous take on animal education.

“They call me Zoo Man over at the zoo during the day but they call me Chris Clobber, stand up comedian by night, and the guy at the comedy club and the guy at the zoo have very different approaches,” Clobber said. “

From purpletink007:

Chris Clobber is related to Laurence M. Klauber (1883 in San Diego, California – 1968) who was an American herpetologist, and was considered to be the foremost authority on rattlesnakes.


Comedian Clobber thrives on animal magnetism
Laurence Monroe Klauber - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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