Northern Trek in the Spring at Cleveland Zoo

Northern Trek in Spring; Magnolia tree

Blooming trees

Siberian tigers

Siberian Tiger at Cleveland Zoo, on Google Video

Grizzly bears and a sloth bear

Grizzly Bear at Cleveland Zoo

Camels and Deer

Northern Trek at Cleveland Zoo

Sea lions and seals

Polar Bears

Zoo director: “We are always balancing the public experiencing with conservation needs. If you ask me why I have camels, I would say that we need something interesting for people to see at the back of the zoo in winter, and they are always outside.” There are 64 polar bears in captivity in American zoos, far short of the 200 considered optimal for maintaining the population over 100 years. Source: Zoos’ Bitter Choice - To Save Some Species, Letting Others Die - -- Zoos Have to Decide Which Species to Keep - Graphic


Bears at Northern Trek, Cleveland Zoo

Further reading:

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Video: Local zoos feel San Francisco tragedy 2000 miles away. WKYC TV, 12/2007.

Published: 06/12/2005
Updated: 05/26/2012

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