African Savanna at Cleveland Zoo

Author: V. Dimov

A Cleveland Zoo map -- let's go to the African Savanna.

Spring flowers (left) and a magnolia tree (right).

Lions. Click here to see more photos and videos of the lions at African Savanna, Cleveland Zoo.



Elephant at Cleveland Zoo

Rhinoceros house

Black Rhinoceros at Cleveland Zoo, on Google Video.

Weaver nests in the tree

Zebras. Grant's Zebras mother and baby in African Savanna | Flickr


Giraffes at Cleveland Zoo

Photos from African Savanna

Madagascar Palms and other trees and flowers

Giraffes and Ostriches

Ostriches at African Savanna



Red Flower at Cleveland Zoo

Black Rhino at Cleveland Zoo

Lions at African Savanna, Cleveland Zoo. Hit the Road - See America and the World.
Viktor Schreckengost and Elephant Sculptures at Cleveland Zoo. Hit the Road - See America and the World.
Zoos, activists debate elephant living space. USA Today, 08/2007.
Remembering the 'American da Vinci.' The Roar Report Blog, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, 01/2008.
Is That a TV Anchor Shoveling Elephant Poo? The Roar Report Blog, 07/2008.
Study Finds Elephants In Zoos Live Shorter Lives. NPR, 12/2008.

Published: 07/12/2005
Updated: 11/09/2010

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