Zorinsky Lake Park in Omaha, Nebraska

Zorinsky Lake Park in Omaha, Nebraska

Zorinsky Lake Park, located at 156th and “F” street (1000 acres), is one of Omaha’s most popular lakes. It provides fishing and boating while being surrounded by playgrounds, path, trails, picnic areas, shelters, and open spaces. There are five baseball fields, football field and three soccer fields.

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The lake and park are named after Edward Zorinsky (November 11, 1928 - March 6, 1987, Democratic Senator (from 1976 until his death in 1987) from Nebraska.

From Wikipedia:

"A lifelong resident of Omaha, Zorinsky attended Creighton University and the University of Nebraska. He was in the wholesale tobacco and candy business from 1950 to 1973 before being elected Mayor of Omaha in 1973.

Zorinsky had been a Republican for most of his life, but joined the Democratic Party in 1976 to pursue the open United States Senate seat. Zorinsky felt he was snubbed by the Republicans, who nominated U.S. Representative John Y. McCollister, also from Omaha. In a mild surprise, he subsequently won the election by a 53% to 47% margin. He was the first Senator from Nebraska to caucus with the Democrats since George W. Norris left the Senate in 1943, as well as the first Democrat elected from the state since Edward R. Burke in 1935.

As a Senator, Zorinsky was a moderate to conservative Democrat, voting with Republicans on some significant issues. He was courted by the Republicans to rejoin their party in 1982. He hinted that he might indeed change parties in 1986, but ultimately never made the switch.

Zorinsky died after suffering a heart attack at the 1987 Omaha Press Club ball."

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