Bulgarian Poets: Peyo Yavorov (Пейо Яворов)

Monument of Peyo Yavorov in the Borisova gradina in Sofia, from the grateful Armenians. Image source: Wikipedia, Elena Chochkova, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

From Wikipedia:

Peyo Yavorov (Bulgarian: Пейо Яворов; born Пейо Крачолов; January 1, 1878–October 17, 1914) was a Bulgarian Symbolist poet. He was considered to be one of the finest poetic talents of Bulgaria.

Most of his poems are romantic in subject, and dedicated to the two women in his life — Mina Todorova and Lora Karavelova. His first (and arguably greatest) love Mina died from tubercolosis, which greatly saddened Yavorov. She was buried in the Paris cemetery Père Lachaise.

Later on he met Lora, the daughter of statesman Petko Karavelov. They married, although Yavorov never loved her the way he loved Mina. The saved letters between Lora and Peyo proved their ardent and wild love.

Yavorov and Karavelova had a very turbulent marriage. Yavorov was very popular at that time and had many female admirers, which provoked Lora’s jealousy. They often had heated quarrels with Lora blaming Yavorov that he did not love her enough.

In November 1913 a fatal tragedy befell the family – after a quarrel Lora committed suicide. The same night Yavorov also made an attempt on his own life, and the bullet went through his temporal bone which left him almost blind. In despair over the trial provoked by Lora's death and the rumor that he had killed her, Yavorov poisoned and then shot himself on 29 October 1914, at the age of 36.

Yavorov Peak on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named after Peyo Yavorov.

One of Peyo Yavorov's most famous works (in Bulgarian and English), source: Slovo.bg:

Две хубави очи

Две хубави очи. Душата на дете
в две хубави очи; - музика - лъчи
Не искат и не обещават те...
Душата ми се моли,
душата ми се моли!

Страсти и неволи
ще хвърлят утре върху тях
булото на срам и грях.
Булото на срам и грях -
не ще го хвърлят върху тях
страсти и неволи.

Душата ми се моли,
душата ми се моли...
Не искат и не обещават те! -
Две хубави очи. Музика, лъчи
в две хубави очи. Душата на дете...

Two Beautiful Eyes

Two beautiful eyes. The soul of a child
In two beautiful eyes – music, rays.
They don’t want and they don’t promise...
My soul is praying,
My soul is praying!

Passions and miseries
Will throw tomorrow upon them
The veil of shame and sin
The veil of shame and sin
Will not throw upon them
Passions and miseries.

My soul is praying,
My soul is praying...
They don’t want and don’t promise!
Two beautiful eyes. Music, rays.
In two beautiful eyes. The soul of a child.

Yavorov from Bulgaria By Jonathan Bousfield, Dan Richardson, Rough Guides, Richard Watkins:

Video: Peyo Yavorov (in Bulgarian).

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