BBC Atlas of the Natural World: Land of the Eagle

Available for streaming from Netflix as of August, 2010: BBC Atlas of the Natural World: Land of the Eagle consists of 8 episodes.

This documentary traces the natural history of North America from the perspective of both the American Indians, who worshipped the land, and the European settlers, who were determined to tame it.

The BBC production showcases the relationship between humans and the earth through antique photos, famous paintings and video footage of the continent's sweeping panoramas, all backed by historic songs performed using period instruments.

Disc 1
The Great Encounter
Confronting the Wilderness
Conquering the Swamps
Across the Seas of Grass

Disc 2
Into the Shining Mountains
Living on the Edge
The First and Last Frontier
Searching for Paradise

The BBC Atlas of the Natural World is the title of two compilations (boxed sets) of DVDs consisting of 8 separate nature documentary series produced by the BBC Natural History Unit between 1987 and 2005.

The boxed sets, each consisting of 4 series and 6 DVDs, are subtitled “Western Hemisphere and Antarctica” and “Africa and Europe”.

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