Raised Garden Bed from Costco

The "Lifetime" Raised Garden Bed Kit contains a clear vinyl plastic tent enclosure and two 4 x 4 garden beds that can be used separately or stacked for an extra-deep bed. It is designed with 8 easy-to-assemble interlocking panels of polyethylene plastic with rust-resistant screws. It won't rot or attract insects like raised garden beds made out of timber.

The interlocking panels create the sidewalls and a weed barrier (not included) creates the bottom of this raised garden bed. This prevents weeds and underground pests from invading your garden. With raised beds you can easily customize the soil to your plants, so you won't be at the mercy of the natural soil conditions in your area.

Because the soil isn't compacted from being walked upon, a raised garden bed doesn't require tilling and provides more efficient drainage. Plant placement is done differently in a raised bed, and this allows you to grow five times as many crops as traditional gardening because it uses 20% of the space of single-row gardens. You'll also appreciate that the interlocking panels give you the option to disassemble and relocate your garden bed if you move or simply want to change your landscaping design. Cost: $99 at Costco, $150 at Amazon. The weed barrier is about $10 at Home Depot and Amazon.

Here is the covered garden bed:

Opened cover:

Tomato and pepper plants from Home Depot:

Growing garlic plants with some onions. The garlic is ready when it has 3 leaves. Here are some Green Garlic Recipes for Health - NYTimes http://goo.gl/wY7gK

The garlic (grown from cloves from Costco) did very well, especially compared to the onions purchased from Home Depot:

Covered and uncovered garden beds. The plastic covers is available for only one bed in the Costco package:

DIY greenhouse and irrigation system for the raised bed

I first saw this in the Square Foot Gardening book, and here is a summary from the Popular Mechanics website: Use galvanized pipe straps to mount 1-in. PVC pipe inside the bed walls. Cut ½-in. flexible PVC tubing twice as long as the beds' width. Bend it, mount it and clip a cover in place.

Use clear polyethylene film. Be careful not to bake your plants on warmer days. Remove the cover or slit vents in it to avoid excessive heat buildup. You can use the same pipes tp construct an irrigation system that is spaced 1 foot apart - serving as a grid if you Square Foot Gardening (SFG) system.

The Costco/Lifetime product comes with 2 beds, and one of them has a plastic cover. The least expensive option is a raised wooden bed from Home Depot for $35 (Home Depot offers more than 70 garden beds).

Tomatoes in raised garden beds (after 3 months).


John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ takes you a field trip to Costco to show you a new product they are offering. It's the Lifetime 4' x 4' raised bed kit that comes with two 48"x48"x9" raised beds plus a Green House Dome that allows you to start your growing season earlier:


Video Review of Lifetime Raised Garden Kit from the official Lifetime blog.
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Tips for Dealing with Garden Trouble  http://goo.gl/VjKVv

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