Sumo wrestlers have a life expectancy of under 60 years

From USA Today:

Sumos wrestlers have a life expectancy of under 60 years. "Men live well into their 80s in Japan, so there's little doubt that carrying around a lot of extra weight is stressful."

"The key point in Sumo is staying fit," says Akebono, the first American-born sumo to earn the rank of yokozuna, sumo's penultimate level. "We have no off-season and train six or seven days a week."

But retired sumos and regular Americans exercise less with each passing decade. At the same time, their metabolism slows. And like Konishiki and Akebono, their ability to exercise is often limited by arthritis and longstanding injuries.

Kotooshu vs. Kakizoe 2006 Kyushu Basyo Day 7.

Asashoryu vs. Kotooshu.

Sumos wrestle with retirement health challenges. USA Today, 2001.

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