Penne arrabbiata (“angry pasta”) - penne with tomato and red pepper

From YellowSaffron YouTube channel:

Penne arrabbiata is a famous classic Italian recipe, a spicy hot pasta dish, easy and quick to prepare. The penne arrabbiata is part of the Roman culinary tradition, it's a simple speciality with a strong and spicy taste.

Boil the ridged pasta quills in a pot with plenty of water (add some salt); in the meanwhile scald the tomatoes in order to peel them easily (otherwise you can use canned peeled tomatoes); then chop the tomatoes in small pieces removing the seeds.

Brown the chopped garlic and the chili peppers with the oil (1), add the tomatoes (2) and cook the sauce for 5 minutes (3), then add salt to taste.

Sauté the pasta quills with the sauce, then put them in a serving dish and garnish with grated pecorino cheese and fresh chopped parsley.

Frozen Penne Arrabiata is available at Trader Joe's and the little bag can deliver a "restaurant quality" Italian meal in 9 minutes. It is easy to prepare, just heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil or water in the skillet, add the contents of the bag, and stir occasionally.


Penne with Tomato and Red Pepper. Anna Maria Volpi.

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